Brutal Doom

Just have to download and extract to the $GAMEDIR, and add “file: brutalv20b.pk3” to the game installer. We could add more installers to the follow to add Brutal Doom support:

  • Doom
  • Doom 2
  • FreeDoom

May be easiest to host on, thoughts?

Well first, the good thing would be to use a correct version of brutalv20b.pk3. Some versions tends to not work on recent versions of zdoom and its forks because of a syntax error. For instance, the brutal freedoom installation scripts provides a non-fixed brutalv20b.pk3, which makes the game unable to run.

I made a fixed version myself, since i’m good at making and modding wads. I can give a link to it, since the author of the mod seems to not care of this version anymore. :confused: Here it is. I tested it myself, making it replace the one provided by the install script, it works like a charm. :smile:


Is there anything we can do to get this one up on the site? This is by far one of my favorites, and I check for it every month or so on Lutris

The original mod developer specifically states this, which may be related to the syntax issue mentioned above (??):

Brutal Doom v20b (Main file only) Read the manual for installation instructions. Make sure you got Zandronum 2.0, GZDoom 1.8 or higher.

Maybe add GZDoom as a runner? I don’t exactly understand the relationship between GZDoom and Zdoom but I do see that Lutris only lists Zdoom as an available runner. When I last played Brutal Doom, I used GZDoom with the original WAD provided by the mod author and it worked perfectly fine

I don’t exactly understand the relationship between GZDoom and Zdoom

GZDoom is exactly like ZDoom, except it uses openGL for the graphics. That makes the game slightly heavier to run for small configs but adds some pretty lighting effects. Some mods takes advantage of the graphics enhancements of those effects and that’s usually why some mods for GZDoom won’t work on Zdoom (which looks discontinued?) or other ZDoom forks like Zandronum

Actually, I simply told the zdoom runner that the bin to run is gzdoom, and it works like a charm to me. So maybe by taking the same runner and change the zdoom version to run… Maybe completely replace the ZDoom one by GZDoom, but it might not please the small configs (My desktop is way enough to run it but my laptop hates gzdoom :confused: )

Btw i got the syntax error under gzdoom… The error is caused by something gzdoom didn’t care before but does with the recent versions. (a ; forgotten somewhere if i remember right)