Browser window with Lutris site pops open randomly

At random times, mostly directly after boot, a browser window with the luttis site pops open and I’m wondering why that happens and how to stop this annoying behaviour. This happens since I installed lutris and its a browser profile I only use to install games with lutris, so I think lutris is somehow doing that. I can’t find an entry for lutris in the “launch at startup” settings though.

Nobody here can tell me whether Lutris does this or not?

Not offhand(and not doing it on my machines, but I don’t have a FF profile set up for Lutris), but 2 thoughts that could lead to what you’re describing:
1- Lutris is auto launching on login.
2- Your account is signed in and Lutris is trying to sync when it starts.

Easy way to find out would be to shut off the lutris auto launch part and see if it still does it.

Thank you for coming back to me. The browser window appeared again.

  1. htop or pgrep can’t find a process with the name “lutris” in it. They show up when I manually launch lutris, so I don’t think auto launch is involved.
  2. I’m not logged in in that browser window.
  3. I never used or configured sync.

Where can I disable sync? There is no option in the settings.

Edit: I opened another window in the browser and closed the lutris one (the browser is set to remember open tabs). The problem seems to be solved. How is that even possible? How can the lutris window being open upon closure force the browser to restart after reboot?

It’s still happening. This is really weird and it might just be coincidence that it started with the lutris install but I haven’t used that browser profile for anything else. I looked through xfce settings again but nothing, I tried deleting the xfce sessions but that also didn’t help.