Braid (GOG/Linux) save game not persistent with Lutris Flatpak edition

I installed the GOG Linux edition of the game “Braid” (32 bit) with Lutris/Flatpak as “user” by selecting the appropriate GOG installer script from the front-end.

It seems to run fine, but I have issues with the save game. While Lutris front-end is opened I may consecutively start and stop the game without losing the save game. But closing Lutris front-end and reopen it will definitely reset the save game so that I have to start from the beginning. I like gaming challenges but this sucks :grin:

Does anybody know what’s going on here? I wasn’t able to locate the Braid save game file in folder “.var/app/net.lutris.Lutris”.

to help narrow this down, which installer are you using?

looks like there’s one named Linux Braid GOG version and one named Linux version

also, are saves in other native games working for you? my gut feeling is you’re hitting some kind of permissions issue, but if it’s only Braid giving you issues then my gut could be wrong

I now installed Trine Linux Native (also 32 bit) and experienced the same problem: Restarting Lutris will kill off the save game, i.e. no “Resume” option anymore. Lutris front-end only offers one installer option for GOG Linux Native.
So your suspicion may be correct, but the Windows game “Venetica” does not show such a behavior. I did complete this game and did another verification just now.
Somehow only native games are affected.

There is a ticket that seems to match my problem:

It may be due to the game(s) saving to a hardcoded directory that may not be accessible by the flatpak environment. I looked this up in a PCGamingWiki, so it is actually not conforming to XDG spec: