Bluetooth stop working on Mint?

After installing the flatpack version of Lutris, my bluetooth stopped working. I could no longer launch any of the bluetooth manager apps or even activate bluetooth at all in Linux Mint. I installed and removed the flatpack version of Lutris five times to be sure it was, in fact, Lutris causing the bug. Each time Lutris flatpack was installed, bluetooth crashed and would no longer work. The workaround is simple… Install the “system” version instead of the flatpack version. Problem solved.

Glad you got it figured out!
I’m a new and confused (lol) Lutris user.
A while back, I was in the middle of trying to figure out how to run Elite Dangerous on Steam Proton, I read it might work easier on Lutris. (remember I’m just starting out here) Oddly enough, I found a solution to running it on Steam Proton while digging around in searches on how to get it to work on Lutris.

For your OP, I’m curious if you were using Pulseaudio with your Linux Mint distro? Reason I ask is that I’ve recently replaced Pulseaudio by installing Pipewire (including pipewire-pulse) and chose the wireplumber install option.

I was a bit nervous at first. Last time when trying to get JACK2 to work, I turned off Pulseaudio, it really annoyed Cinnamon and broke a few audio related things. Not so with Pipewire. Only odd thing was Chromium was gone, but reinstalling it resolved that quirk.

Why am I rambling on? The latest version of Pipewire boasts that it improves Bluetooth functionality, connectivity and is newer, better, blah, blah, blah…
Seems to be bug-free so far as I have used it and it works with (or along side) of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey using Proton 7. Moderately playable on this ancient 6 thread computer.

Currently using:
Linux Mint 21.3 Cinnamon
Kernel 5.15.0-94-generic

Pipewire might be an option for you as I have been reading that there are some issues with Bluetooth popping up.