Blocked In-Game Text for League of Legends

Hey guys I’m new here and have recently installed League of Legends and besides the strange reason that wine refuses to find wine-mono (which is installed though it drops me to NET2.0) I had no issues using it… or so i thought. I decided to play a custom game just in case it failed but it didn’t thank goodness. However i encountered a real problem once the game started (and this also occurs when spectating) that most of the text are just white blocks. This includes the store, the settings menu, the ability/descriptions and chat. I am pretty much out of ideas on why this is occurring and how to fix it. My system is as listed: Linux Antergos-MercadesBendz 4.11.6-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Sat Jun 17 08:19:42 CEST 2017 x86_64 GNU/Linux. lutris: 1 aur/lutris 0.4.12-1 “[installed]” (45) (4.24). (without the “” it is made a hyperlink) i appreciate any help because i don’t want to have to revert back to windows because of a stupid reason as that thank you all.

p.s. i can provide any other info requested inluding litris output & debug messages as well as screenshots/recordings.

This is a bug from the open source MESA drivers on AMD and Intel when using the openGL renderer for league. Try installing the DirectX version. On Lutris right click on league and then click “Install (Add) another version” then click the checkbox for DirectX.

wow thanks ill do just that. say i have 2 computers and the other one is older but running the same os lol works on it except the in-game issue of at the most 25 fps and grainy and jerky any ideas on that or should i try to install the directx version there as well?

okay iv tried to do what u suggested and it worked until it started crashing uncotrably and just b4 i threw in the towel i tried playing with the installation’s settings and i found one that worked. i simply changed the default staging from: staging-2.10-i386 to: 1.9.2-staging-lol-i386 which was the wine version that the opengl version used so after changing to that it stoped crashing and everything still displayed correctly and ran perfectly [tho the post game screen load time is a little slow]. so shout out to gloriouseggroll for his creation of that wonderful lifesaving script keep up the good work man. also thanks to cblade for his tip abt the bug and solution. i am going to try this for my other laptop and hope it solves that issue a well so ill keep u posted on my progress.

ah sorry I forgot to add that the directx version has problems on 2.0 wine. I have found limiting the fps to 60 and turning v-sync off can stabilize performance a bit too.

cool i’ll keep that in mind if i run into anymore problems with it but its running smoothly now and my fps rarly even get to 60 so i’m not to worried about that. once i’m sure that it works on my other laptop i’ll consider this as solved so i’ll keep u guys posted.

Sadly it didnt work out on that computer but i have my other one that works with it so im okay [Solved]

Could you tell me the specs of the two computers you are playing on? Just trying to see what the performance is on different hardware.

i had the same problem with the blocked text, i fixed this by removing the the x3d_platform=1 line in the game.cfg,
dont know if this causes other problems, but at least i can the text now :smiley:

gee man i must admit that iv uninstalled lol from that computer as i said prior, but if you want for the sake of other people who has encountered this issue i can try to get it working again.

this is resolved in the latest install script (i updated it last night)
opengl script has been removed as the opengl for LoL has not been maintained or optimized and uses an old ogl instruction set. Default installer now uses dx9 and wine-staging-2.18. launcher freeze/crash issues have been resolved as well.

Last known update regarding OGL from Riot from January 2017:

“We use a comparable featureset from OpenGL 1.5 on OS X machines”

OpenGL 1.5 was released in 2003.