Blizzard games lock up

As the title says wow and overwatch both either freeze for like 3 or 4 seconds or the screen goes black for the same ammount of time. frequency changes on when it happens i can go hours and no problem then it will start and do it every few minutes. all my temps are good voltages are good plenty of memory etc etc. maybe it’s something to do with wine i’m not really sure. kinda new to linux and lutris gaming.

Try setting directX11 instead of 12.

Wait a litlle, a new Wine version will be soon uploaded by Lutris team.

How about some system specs? What distribution, what DE, what video card, etc? The issue that you are describing is probably an issue with your DE. I know because I had the same issue (using Xfce), but now it is fine. But, some system specs would be nice to look at to help us narrow down possible causes.