Black screen (diablo 4), works after reboot

If I start Diablo 4 from a clean reboot (or initial startup) it works fine. I then close out of the game, and even Lutris, and then start it to play it gives me a black screen. I can click on my second monitor and the game appears. I then click on the game screen and it goes black again. If I reboot the machine, it works fine again, until I close out of the game and try to start it again.

So, I basically have to reboot every time I play.

Any ideas?

I am running Manjaro with KDE Plasma 6.x with Wayland.


Got this issue when I switched to wayland and no runners or settings were helping.

Not sure if it’ll directly resolve your issue but maybe it’ll help point you in the right direction.

Solution for me was to navigate to the wine prefix, then C:\users<user>\Documents\DiabloIV and opened the LocalPrefs file. Changed “DisplayModeWindowMode” from 1 to 0 so it launched windowed mode.

Once into the game, I was able to update my settings back to fullscreen and blackscreening did not happen again.