Black box for graphics World of Warcarft


I’m playing WoW. Here’s a pic of what’s happening, It just started yesterday with the patch they launched.

There’s a “similar” issue on the wow forums but their fix, turn the settings down to dx11, does not work. See, What causes this texture glitch? - #5 by Pawgwalker-dalaran - Technical Support - World of Warcraft Forums

I’ve used a few different runners. Wine versions 7.20 and 8.0 both staging not and I have the same glitch.

(EDIT: Log, Ubuntu Pastebin)
(EDIT: lutris --submit-issue output, Ubuntu Pastebin)

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Got the same issues. These are shadows it seems. I had the lowest shadow settings in WoW. When i changed it to 1 higher, most shadows went correct. But you still see sometimes those black boxes(shadows) on the floor. I think we need to wait until this is fixed.

Alot of people are complaining it seems tho :slight_smile:

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I am having the same issue as well. Same boxes, same on every graphics settings. It may be an issue inside the wine settings? I don’t think we will get much support from the blizzard community.

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Yes, me as well. Black boxes underneath every NPC and Player character. Did Vault of the Incarnates last night with this boxyness going on, quit annoying.

I have them too! The boxes i mean :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a black box under every character that you can get rid off by turning the Shadow Quality up higher than low but there’s also another effect with the same affect. It’s tied to some effects like the swirl thing they use all the time. They can stack on each other so it makes it hard to dodge stuff.

(EDIT: Basically you get the same black box around the swirl but it’s bigger than the ground effect should be and it stacks with other ground effects.)

I’ve messed with all the graphic settings and nothings changed it.

I haven’t been able to find anything on the official forums but I can check again in a bit.

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There’s a thread on the official forums that suggests, /console gxrestart. But that didn’t work for me either.

Same problem here. Raising the Shadow Level in Graphics Settings fixes some of the problems (like the shadow on player characters), but there are still problems with graphical effects on some boss abilities in the raid.

where do I type in this command, inside the terminal?

inside wow chat

OK I found something here What causes this texture glitch? - #9 by Catrissian-stormrage - Technical Support - World of Warcraft Forums.

Windows/linux users are reporting the black boxes under players and npcs but only a linux user reported the same glitch related to effects. So I’m guessing its a bug (with wine).

Todays wow-hotfixes have fixed the remaining issues for me.