BIT.TRIP Runner crashes upon launch

I’m having an issue launching BIT.TRIP Runner. Every time i launch the game, it crashes right after. I suspect the DirectX setup from the dependencies may be the issue, as it is seemingly never completed and Steam has to run the setup again.

I went to ProtonDB, in search for potential solutions. Many users were saying to use proton tricks/wine tricks to install the dependencies (Deleting the dependencies folder in the game’s installation directory, and running protontricks 63710 d3dcompiler_43 d3dx9_43 in the terminal)

I attempted the solution, first with Wine tricks, and then with Proton tricks, but nothing changed. The game keeps crashing. I can’t look at any crash logs, because i don’t know where they’re located and the steam directory is a pain to go through. If there are crash logs, please let me know where i can find them, Any and all help is appreciated!

System info: System Info -