BF4 won't install

Gday trying to install BF4 with the Lutris script for Origin. Using Ubuntu 18.04 i5-4690K, Radeon RX480 8gb 16Gb od DDR3 ram. Origin installed fine, BF4 has download but install won’t work. When I try to install it comes up with a direct x install error saying its missing and then it also says the VC++ runtime has not been installed properly, in brackets it has the number -2147467259. Was I meant to install anything before hand? I may have misunderstood the instructions when it would install all dependencies and required files. I’m a bit of a noob at Linux especially when it comes to wine or the command line, I can read forums and articles and copy and paste commands. Thanks in advance for any help.

For the direct x error try this,
“If directx fails to install when finalizing installation open drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Origin Games/Battlefield4/__Installer/directx/redist and remove all the .cab files. Only leaving these three files: dsetup32.dll DSETUP.dll DXSETUP.exe Now you can proceed with the installation.”

Try starting the game with “disable lutris runtime” check and try it unchecked, (this has worked for me in the past) if that doesnt work you may need to install vc2013 & vc2015 (i think) with winetricks.

No, leave it unchecked. Lutris’ Wine and Winetricks are built on Ubuntu 16.04 which requires libpng12 be installed. Since this lib is old most distros fail to install vcrun because of that, however, the runtime provides that lib.