Battlefield 5 FPS-Spikes/Frametime

Hi all,

new Lutris user here and trying to run Battlefield 5 on my Fedora 30 system.
Hope I have done this log thingie right, so that someone might be able to help me.

BF5 runs perfectly fine on my machine when I boot up Win10, but because I want to get ride of Win10 I kinda need to be able to play it in Linux.

The needed loggings:

I tried it with a bunch of different settings (ingame and in Lutris) and those are the ones that run currently with the best performance.

How are your CPU and GPU temperatures while playing in linux?

I had lag spikes in Battlefield 4 in Linux because Linux manages my laptop’s fan speed differently than Windows, resulting in my CPU thermal throttling every second or 2. I fixed it by lowering max CPU frequency.

I don’t think your system would have any problems with thermal throttling as it’s a desktop, but it’s worth checking anyway.

Thanks for your reply @zjeffer!

Unfortunately I can’t monitor my CPU temp under Linux (my board uses the it87 chip to measure, which there is no maintained driver for), but the clock stays (rather) solid. My Vega64 goes up to 65°C while playing, which is the same degree as I have with Windows.

What I did notice though however is that the GPU usage drops to 0 when the spikes happen.

Have you tried different wine versions and esync?

I switched to ge-protonified-4.10-x86_64 and clicked esync on about week ago just to test if performance would be better. FPS got better and stable, game feels much more responsive now. Very steady 60 fps all the time.

Tried newer tkg-protonified versions but Origin didnt launch with those.

Earlier I had wierd stuttering, slowdowns and mouse issues at long gaming sessions but that was caused by some Cinnamon addon, memoryleak or something… Had to alt+tab to desktop in middle of the game and restart Cinnamon but it’s good now.

You can download different wine versions to Lutris from left panel Runners -> Wine -> Manage versions. Then configure your game to use it.

Manjaro Cinnamon with 5.1.15 kernel
i5-9600k, 16gb and RX 470