Battlefield 4 installation does not work in lutris please fix

The origin installation works, lutris says dont log in before completing download but when at the login window, it stays there and lutris does not proceed after waiting a while I closed origin window and lutris supposedly continued installation and even put a bf4 logo on my desktop (I havent downloaded or installed it yet!)

because I closed origin it now wont start again! it just doesnt run anything and gives no error.

the link put on the desktop has the command

env WINEPREFIX="/media/…/bf4" /home/ubuntu/buildbot/runners/wine/staging-3.12-x86_64/bin/wine C:\windows\command\start.exe /Unix /media/…/bf4/dosdevices/c:/users/Public/Desktop/Origin.lnk

  1. I dont have ubuntu I have mint, there is no such path on my pc!

  2. It installed Origin INSIDE the bf4 directory!

and the bf4 icon does not run either! it gives /media/…bf4/…/Origin/OriginThinSetupInternal.exe could not be found!

It never installed such a file!..

Any proper effort to make this work would be appreciated!

I’ve checked the install scripts and they seem alright. As far as I can see, the scripts get the right versions for things and none of the wrong paths you mentioned appear.

First and foremost: do you have winehq-staging installed system-wide? It’s the first step to get all the dependencies alright.

Second, why does every path start with /media/? are you trying to install your game on an external drive or something?

What install script did you use? Origin version or DXVK version? I’d suggest trying the Origin version first, because it seems more updated.

The link created on the desktop is probably a wine link and you can ignore it/delete it, since you’ll want to start the game on Lutris. This may mean Lutris will start origin and you’ll have to press to play battlefield 4 inside it.

I played around with the directory settings of bf4 entry in lutris, and it is installing now,

lets see if it plays thanks

Now I got origin to install the entire game, It now starts default browser and runs the battlelog webpage there servers are listed but no ping updates

when I say join server it gives the following error ->

Please check that you fulfil all of these requirements:
Windows Vista or later
Compatible 32-bit (not 64-bit) Web Browser

earlier I got some missing dll dxgi.dll errors, I dunno what I did to get rid of that error, now the browser is complaining.

Is it required to make the browser fool the server that it is a windows pc you think?

*ah yes when I run as 64 bit executable it gives the dll error, when I do x86 the browser complains as I wrote above.

How would I add the dlls?

I added a useragent changer to my browser and I got one step more further

*I am writing this for others to use

*Nope still Invalid license reason code = missing dll dxgl.dll error 0x45A (was 0x7 something before)

I downloaded provided files in another comment to download dxgi.dll and d3d11.dll and added them both to wine directory for system32 and syswow64 still doesnt work.

Now you’re going into unknown territory. DLLs are pretty sensitive files, SPECIALLY if you wanna game on Linux. The provided Lutris script should get the game working with all its dependencies, if you can’t get it to work, look at what it does.

For the first problem you told, the error was probably that your installer didn’t reach the step where it changes Wine to Win10. It IS there, because I had checked in the script when I commented earlier.

dxgi and d3d11 ARE INSIDE YOUR FOLDER! If they’re not, DXVK puts them for you.

Lutris has a built-in helper for DXVK where you press “Enable DXVK” and it puts those two DLLs in their respective folders.

If you didn’t download linux-compatible DLLs or you didn’t change your winecfg to use them correctly, you’re not fixing the problem!

As Battlefield 4 seems to use the browser (as far as I remember, played it once in my life), you PROBABLY need to set your winecfg to create a virtual desktop to transition between browser and game in a virtual desktop.

Also, look for more information about the game. Other generic Wine forums, Wine’s APPDB page and youtube videos for how people run Battlefield 4 on Wine. There’s a slim chance DXVK isn’t recommended because it alters DLLs and that can possibly mean “hacking” and have your account banned. (this happens with Dark Souls)

I ll hopefully reply in short time.