Battlefield 4 DXVK no ground

Hi folks!

I recently got Battlefield 4 finally running for me. The bummer is, I don’t have a ground!

I guess the world geometry is existent, because I don’t fall through it, but it just has no texture. Is this a known problem and how to fix it?

I tested it with the Lutris installer, also using dxvk-bin (and dxvk-git) from the AUR

This is a sample screenshot:

Yeah, some more info:

Either I’m especially unlucky on loading at Ultra preset (or lucky at Low), but I’m pretty sure it has to be with some graphic settings

Ground/world textures are missing everywhere on Ultra settings, but on Medium it runs fine. Except winter maps, which are flickering everywhere. With Low, even these work.

Bummer: You always have to go back into menu and reload the map to have those settings applied

I’m now playing on Low and it seems that all is working fine. Maybe I find some time to find out which settings do which errors. Or maybe someone else does :slight_smile:

Would be cool to have it running on Ultra (except the error settings) with my GTX1080

Some maps still flicker like shit, even on the lowest possible settings; e.g. Dragon Pass

Had some time to test more. I desperately deactivated the Lutris runtime for this game and for now every map just looka gorgeous and runs fine!

-> Deactivate Lutris Runtime

I’m playing on Arch Linux, so may libraries should all be up-to-date. On systems with a slower update rhythm that might not be the solution

EDIT: Nope, maps like “Dragon Pass” still flicker liek shit for me (really hurts your eyes, unplayable). This especially happens when there is a mapchange or you switch servers. So it’s like a lottery if maps work or not

If someone else has these problems, too, I might write up the buggy maps

I have no fucking idea why, but for now every map has graphical bugs again. No system update, no nothing.

I didn’t even restart my PC (i did for troubleshooting now, though).

It went fine for over a week now, but from one start to another, graphical glitches. It’s getting frustrating :confused:

If you have any issues with DXVK please feel free to write a bug report there. Remember DXVK is still in development, so glitches etc. are normal and bug reports can help to improve that.