Battlefield 4 can't read my ping after upgrading WINE version

Hey folks!

I played Battlefield4 the last few days and everything went fine. I used tkg-protonified-3.21.

Today I upgraded it to lutris-fshack-5.2 and lutris-5.2, but every server I join can’t read my ping. It is always shown as a minus (-).

Is this a known bug or can you give me some directions on what to look for?

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I have the exactly same proplem with the ping with different versions of wine. Has anyone a solution?

Unfortunatelly I don’t have an answer yet.

Also you’ll get kicked often from servers because you don’t have a ping for some reason… this is annoying.

Yeah, I know. Where do we need to address this bug? Here in the Lutris Forum? Somewhere at the Wine project?

TBH I don’t know.

I just went to the Lutris forums in hope that someone else had this problem too and found a solution