Battlefield 1942 installation path error

Hey, installing Battlefield 1942 through Lutris gives me this error: “The executable at path /home/user/Games/battlefield-1942/drive_c/Program Files/EA Games/Battlefield 1942/BF1942.exe can’t be found, please check the destination folder.
Check the destination folder, some parts of the installation process may have not completed successfully.” I don’t know if the installer actually installs the game anywhere but atleast i can’t find it so i can’t copy the files to that directory. One way to get around it is to install the game normally on Wine and copying the game files into that directory, but i’m looking for a solution to this problem specifically.

If anyone has any ideas why this is or how to fix it, i would appreciate it a lot. Thanks.

Edit: just to clear, i’m wondering does the Lutris install the game files somewhere and where could it be? And also if there’s a fix for the problem where it installs the files into different category than specified on the installer?