BattleEye massive problem

I play and test alot of games on Lutris, i do play overwatch and many others.
Games like fortnite and currently apex legends do not work just because of battle eye anti cheat system, Lutris devs and wine devs we need to release a fix for this anti cheat. Read this frustration:

The same thing happened with fortnite when they introduced battle eye it stopped working on Linux, All games without BattleEye runs butter on Linux. We need to fix this there are many reddit posts, forums and others, this is a major issue.


The problem with Apex Legends is with Easy Anti Cheat, not BattlEye Anticheat
Look this:

Yes, but mostly games like paladins, fortnite they all use EAC and battleEye both. Ok for once i can say we can skip battle eye by simply launching the exe inside wine prefix but what about EAC. We need Wine EAC builds.

Lutris has nothing to do with Wine as a whole. It only provides Wine as a runner and custom Wine builds provided by the community. Fixing anti cheat on Wine is a Wine problem first and foremost. Nothing Lutris can do unfortunately.

If you read the link @OsamaBinlada posted, you’ll understand the problem with Apex is that the developers deliberately disabled wine support. The anticheat has wine support but it was disabled with that patch.
The change was made specifically for wine. Targeted at Linux users. So there is absolutely nothing anybody can do about it - except the game owners.

And it seems they have done something because there are positive reports.

An arch user posted a workaround on the wine page for Apex Legends Origin:

I went to the link you provided and I didn’t see any workaround.

Yes there is no work around for EAC.