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It seems that Blizzard has updated certificates on all their update servers, and folks with the workaround used yesterday seem to be having issues.
I did not use the chattr +i to lock the Agent.8009 on one of my installs (the Overwatch install on Lutris I did yesterday) and while playing around this afternoon, I deleted the and Blizzard Entertainment folders in my ProgramData folder in my Prefix.
Launching, it reloaded these 2 directories, and being tired, I forgot to copy over the 7984 agent. To my surprise, even though the agent was sleeping, it did eventually load my launcher with no games. Using the settings->Downloads-> Scan I was able to locate my game files (I keep them outside my prefix on a separate drive) and after a few minutes, it started updating my WoW and then resumed my SC2 download!!! I checked, there were a few errors showing up. By 10pm my time (basically now) it has no errors and all updates and downloads appear to be working. I confirmed in the log files that the Agent.exe version is indeed the 8009 version.
Just a heads up if you did use the workaround and it stops working today, you may need to reverse the locks etc and allow to get the Agent.exe 8009. It may take a few tries but at least for me, it is now working.