won't launch through Lutris with VPN active?

I’ve been playing TBC Classic with no issues for the past week or so, I’m brand new to Linux and so far haven’t really had any problems at all. However I’ve recently been using my VPN, and while I typically don’t have it active when I’m gaming I do sometimes want it to be active-- however when I go to launch through Lutris, nothing happens. I don’t get an error message or anything, it just won’t launch. If I turn the VPN off then the problem immediately goes away.

I’m using the Private Internet Access program, and I don’t think it’s not happy that I’m on a VPN because I didn’t have this problem on Windows.

This isn’t really a deal breaker for me or anything, but if I could solve the problem it would be nice.

I’m on Pop OS, using Nvidia, no actual problems launching or running the game in general.

I walked away from the PC after trying to load with my VPN active, came back and it was loaded up. Managed to get TBC loaded and in game fine.

So I went back and tried again, and it’s about a ten minute process from when I first start to load up to when TBC will load. Seems odd to me.

It must have something to do with the workarounds that Lutris/Wine use in regards to Blizzards networks? It’s just strange to me that it does work but with such a long delay. The VPN servers are near me, ping isn’t bad in game etc, and I can use them when downloading without any real speed impact so I don’t think it’s the VPN slowing things down. I mean obviously the VPN is causing the problem somehow, I’m just saying their service doesn’t throttle my bandwidth.

And yeah, this is my first week in Linux. I have no idea what I’m doing in general.