won‘t appear in Lutris

Hello Lutris community,

I‘m new to Linux and gaming and I‘ve been trying out pop-os and Lutris for 2 days straight now
I installed the battlenet launcher via the install-button from this site and was able to install and play Hearthstone without any issues. My problem: after I quit the game, I cannot find a shortcut to start the game or battlenet again. Lutris says that is not installed.

Can anyone help me? I really want to switch to Linux, but this issue already exceeds my knowledge.

Thx in advance!

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Check and make sure you have followed this guide for installing the dependencies for, and also that you completed the installation completely (ie followed the full installer steps), did not login and install a game until AFTER restarting the from Lutris. It sounds like you installed and then straight away installed the game after logging in.