stopped working (cannot login) after latest update on Nov 30,2023

Applied the system variable but no change, a black wine debugger window pops up and disappears every 5 seconds, cannot login to, if I try without login the window is grey.

Worked for me after deleting the folder, adding the key and restarting everthing. Using Lutris on Nobara. Thank you all.

ok so you saying if you have the folder remove ther folder in question…apply the variable and then quit lutris and relaunch ok…

Thanks so much! :partying_face:

I am using Steam and Deleting that folder worked for me as well.

Thank for the help.

OK so the WINE_SIMULATE_WRITECOPY 1 works like a charm and opens up normally. but when ever I launch wow the quits after the game has launched. Have you noticed anything like this ??

It is a setting in>settings->Exit completely when I launch a game - recommended as agent.exe or having issues in the background while gaming can and has caused games to crash

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OK. thank you for clearing that up, I don’t recollect changing anything in the settings of prior to November 30th the client did not exit.

Actually WOW has better performance with the exit option enabled but it’s kind of a hassle to re launch every time.

Then that is weird and unusual behaviour - though remember was updated on November 30 which created the issues discussed in this thread so…

This worked for me! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

So my Lutris for battlenet was using System version of wine, 8.20.
After switching to default Wine-GE 8-25 per does not work after the update on Nov 30, 2023 · Issue #5156 · lutris/lutris · GitHub I no longer have the crashes and am able to login.

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Is there a permanent fix for this already?

It’s supposed to be fixed in Wine-GE 8.25 as per

I have to use the wine staging 9.0RC2, Wine-GE 8.25 always gives me a you must use windows 10 error cause it reverts it to windows vista every time I try to change it to windows 10, with Wine Staging I can set it to windows 11 and it stays and no more errors or that annoying wine debug pop up box.

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Setting the environmental worked for me without deleting any folders.
Verified that it ran repeatedly, also ran D3 without issue.

Right click on

configure → System Options

Scroll down to the Game Execution section

Look for environmental variables, and press Add

Value 1

Again, that is all i had to do for my particular setup, no folder deletions

I’m using wine version


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Thank you. that work for me now after install wine 8.25, but i have another issue that is when i launching wow the closed

Does WoW continue to run after battlenet closes?

If the problem is only that battlenet closes and you don’t want it to do that, there is a setting in battlenet (not lutris!) which controls that behavior.

look under settings → app, the “on game launch” setting.

yeah True, i just notice that option in battlenet.

Thank you