not signing in (Void Linux)

Hey all, I recently switched from Arch Linux to Void Linux to get away from systemd reliance, and I’ve been having trouble even getting to log me in. It spits back some generic login error any time I do and keeps me in offline mode. That and the sign-in box is screwed up. There’s no big blue button for me to sign in, and pressing enter does nothing either. I have to use the weird little HTML-style fields below to get it to authenticate at all.

Here’s what the sign-in window looks like:

I had no trouble getting Bnet running on Lutris on other non-systemd distros like Artix, so it can’t be that. Is there something up with Lutris’s package in xbps? I’d appreciate any help I can get because I really like Void, but this is the one thing holding me back from switching.

Wouldn’t let me link the second screenshot but here’s the error I get after logging in:

Have you tried reinstalling it from here or using different wine version?What is the output of lutris -d ?

Was able to get logged in and am installing Classic WoW now! :grinning:
Here’s the steps I took:

I’m willing to bet it was the missing dependencies rather than using the other install link. I think I should see if I can talk to the guys on Github to add in a section for Void Linux. We’re small but we’re growing strong!