not installing

Hi all - installed Lutris, ran the script for from the website. It goes through the process but at the end it never installs the app.

Normally, the app install pops up after the script. Recently on both Manjaro and Debian, it just finishes without installing.

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Seconding this report. I’m in the process of distro-hopping, and it seems something went wrong with the Lutris Blizzard App installer. Yesterday I was able to download flawlessly on ElementaryOS. Today it has failed on both Ubuntu and ElementaryOS (when I switched back). All dependencies for the Lutris and the Blizzard App have been met.

I believe this is an issue with the host holding the files. The process never begins because it is stuck attempting to download This is visible here.

EDIT: My issue has been resolved. Not sure what fixed it. The host may have just been temporarily down. @techie81, check if your problem is fixed too. If it isn’t, we may have had different issues. For reference, I am using the experimental “all-in-one” script to download the Blizzard App.

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