Launcher unusable after Lutris Update[Edited]

After a recent update for my Lutris application(I’m running OpenSUSE 15.0) my launcher didn’t work properly anymore after opening it. I installed it by searching for Hearthstone, which I installed the latest version(August 2018) from the Lutris website.
The graphics where messed up and I couldn’t see any text boxes showing me where to click to start a game.
I tried to reinstall Hearthstone without deleting it’s directories, then with deleting everything, but now the launcher still has these graphic errors and doesn’t even install properly.
Could it be, that the install script for the Launcher avaliable from the website needs to be updated with the newest version or has to be made compatible with the newest Lutris version?

I hope someone can help me,
thanks in advance.

I reinstalled Lutris, it seems like it had some problems with wine. Now the Battlenet Launcher installed correctly and the graphic errors are mostly gone but it won’t finish loading the install window for Hearthstone, meaning I can’t install the game.
Reastarting and reconnecting to LAN didn’t help.

No clue, I’m still on 0.4.18. I do know there are some issues with winetricks.

I had similar issues after upgrading to 0.4.19 on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed. What I ended up doing was running 0.4.18 from inside my home directory and now everything works superbly as before.
If you want to give that a go you can get the tar.xz from the download page, select the tarball option to get the file address and change the version number.
Run Lutris from the command line with “python3 ~/Downloads/lutris/bin/lutris” (change path accordingly).

I noticed this problem today on my arch machine, running lutris 0.4.19-1. Not sure what the issue is. I reinstalled overwatch, but got stuck because Battle.Net won’t start.

It might be set to use the runtime again if you use a Lutris built wine. Try turning off the Runtime and see if it works.

Me too. It worked fine with Mint 18.3, but I updated to Mint 19 and when reinstalling Lutris it up-reved too and now the WoW install does not work.

The install progresses normally until the Battle dot net finishes updating it’s files, then in a normal install the Battle dot net app will start, but now the Battle dot net never starts and the Lutris dialog says the app has been installed.

If I try to start it from the Lutris dashboard, it says I am playing a game, but nothing happens even after waiting more than 15 minutes.

@hkindle Install Wine-Staging and listed dependencies.

@Dox disabling the lutris runtime worked. Installing OW, now.

UPDATE: installed, and seems to run even better than before. Defaulted to ultra settings and ran perfectly in the practice area

I installed the battle net dependencies. As I had it working before upgrading Mint and Lutris.

Without the dependencies Battle dot net will not load at all. As I said, It loads and does an update, but then never starts up after the upgrade.

When it worked before it would progress to the login screen after the update.