Back to the main site launcher not appearing and WoW Classic crashing


I reinstalled my system from scratch last week and have had issues with BattleNet and WoW Classic since. Never had any problems before.

I have no idea if the two are connected so to not spam the forum I put them in one post.

  1. BattleNet launcher not opening
    About 50% of the time the login screen for the BattleNet launcher does not appear after clicking the Play button. However, the button changes, indicating that the game is running and I can quit the game by clicking again as usual. That happens with running Lutris normally and using lutris -d. But it is in no way reproducible. If it doesn’t work one way trying it the other way sometimes solves it, sometimes I have to restart the system sometimes nothing helps. Feels completely random.

  2. Game freezing
    When I do get to play WoW Classic the game and the launcher in the background sometimes crash. No WoW or Windows error message is given. Happened only a few times until now so I haven’t been able to reproduce it.

I also had the #132 error on loading screens but have already found the threads concerning the sapi.dll and installed it.

The log files below are from a working launch using lutris -d but contained quite some error messages so I thought they might be of some value despite not exactly representing the isue(s). I started Lutris, then WoW Classic, logged into one of my characters, logged out again and closed WoW then Lutris.

What I also noticed is that starting the game (mainly when connecting to and logging in to the realms) takes a lot longer than before and sometimes even freezes for a couple of seconds (and Manjaro asking me to force kill or wait) before I get to the character selction screen.

Lutris -d:


Any help appreciated.

Navigate to your WoW Prefix (~/games/World of Warcraft or where ever you put the installation) and find the drive_c/ProgramData/ folder. If you have multiple Agent.xxxx folders present, there is a simple workaround, if it is just the Agent.8009 then a different approach.

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Two Agent folders in my prefix:
Agent.7984 and Agent.8009

first in Lutris, go to the Game options tab and add the following to the arguments:
–exec=“launch Pro” (if you DON’T have overwatch installed, or “launch D3” if you DON’T have Diablo installed).
Save and in the Agent.8009 folder, rename the Agent.exe to Agent.exe.old
Next copy the Agent.exe (should be 5.5mb) from the Agent.7984 folder to the Agent.8009 folder.
Keep the file browser open, and start the launcher in Lutris. It should show an Overwatch or Diablo 3 branded login screen and then the launcher. When it is ready, it should take you to the Overwatch or Diablo 3 game page. Navigate to the WoW page and you should be able to do the update.
Doesn’t always work with the update, but at least you can run the game.

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I did get the Overwatch login. So that worked. But after swapping to WoW Classic there was no Update. Game is running anyway. Still got the short freeze when connecting.

Any idea if that could also have been the reason/solution for the ingame crashes?

Check in your Program Files (x86)/World of Warcraft/_classic/Errors folder

Two errors in there, both from past error #132 crashes.

Nothing recent? WoW is extremely hard on CPU and memory. I OC some b-die DDR4 ram from 3200CL14 to 3733CL14 and on a hot day my ram would hit 47 C and I would get intermittent crashes in WoW even though it past all the stress tests. That would be one thing to look at - RAM, or swapping to disk. Nothing in the logs I could see.

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Thank you so much for your help Jhu! :kissing_heart:
You have made two of our children very happy with your problem solving. We were very desperate.
Your solution helped us a lot for the two old PCs.

I’ll keep that in mind - so far no crashes.
But I’m almost certain it’s not a hardware issue. Didn’t change anything and it started only a week ago after setting up my system from scratch.