Launcher crashing at login

It installs perfectly. When I start it and try to login, it crashes with a blizzard unexpected error message.
If I start it from the Run EXE inside wine prefix, it starts and logs in normally without errors.

Is there a way to fix that so I can start and logging from the Play button in Lutris?

Found the solution in the Origin launcher entry, apparently it has the same problem.
For Ubuntu and LinuxMint users, refer to this

What I did was

sudo apt install libvulkan1:i386

it installed the missing 32bit libvulkan1 and updated the 64bit libvulkan1.


Thank you! It works)

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Had that same problem. The launcher ran fine but when starting wow it locked up and gave errors. I removed my wine version, 3.8 staging and then installed wine ver 4. Works perfectly now. Wasnt able to run world of tanks before either. After upgrading to wine 4,0 WOT installed and ran perfectly.

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