keep frezzing

I installed with lutris and tried to install starcraft 2,after some time freeze(before finishing the installation)
This happen for every game.What can i do to fix this problem?

Sorry for my english

There is already a post opened about this issue.

Lutris devs know this issue, they are working on it and it will be resolved in the next version.
If you don’t want to wait use last git version or previous Lutris stable version.

Ok,thanks for help

Late reply, but is finky on the network connectivity.

I have 3 years of fighting with it on various installs with lutris. a good 80% of it is one of these issues.

  1. ipv6, it hates it, it hates it even when its configured correctly. Disable it at the first sign.
  2. Change DNS, even if you have zero dns issues. It hates DNS , especially the local router ones.
  3. Change network ports.

My biggest why the hell did it do that was with DNS. He was using a proper ISP dns, instant we changed it to google dns, every connectivity disappeared, every freeze. Those freezes ended up it waiting on DNS requests.