It seems battlenet is a laggy mess now., and i’m unsure of how to fix it.
It takes minutes to launch, and also minutes to launch any game (in this case WoW).

Even trying to check the friends list or anything will cause it to hang for a minute or 2.
Then it resumes almost normal functionality until you try and do something else.

I’ve tried reinstalling and doesn’t seem to change anything.

Using POP-OS 20.10

Did you try using Wine stagging 5.20`Iḿ using it and I havee no issues starting battle net and World of warcraft.

Yea I’m running it on 5.20… but the client itself takes forever to do anything. WOW works like it should, but the battlenet client constantly hangs when you try and do anything, like launch the game

I have exactly the same issue. Also on POP-OS but 20.04. is constantly freezing. Not usable. Did not install any games yet.

This issue has been also reported on ARCH Linux with wine:

A temporary workaround is if you have multiple versions of Battle net in your Battle net folder, you can safely rename or delete the most recent versions folder (Battle net 12511 for me) and then the previous version will be used.
My WoW Classic install is completely stable using that workaround, but my retail install takes 3-4 starts of deleting the bnet folder using the “kill all wine processes” option to get bnet to run without freezing or simply displaying nothing.

I resolved this issue like this:

I dont have wine-lutris-2.21 as a selection option in the manage runners wine menue.
Furthermore, the issue already affects the launcher before any game is started. It basically takes ages to get to the login in screen. After login battlenet is unusable due to freezes after any action involving a mouse click. Thus changing to directX 11 legacy for individual games will not affect this issue.

Hello prom, I corrected my message, it’s not wine-lutris-2.21 but wine-lutris-5.21
Did you try with 6.0?