"Battle.Net Helper Crashed and Needs to Close"

I just tried to install battle.net, and it all goes fine till after the install. When I try to log in I get the little atomic spinny diddle instead of the login button and I get the aforementioned error from wine. Am I missing something? I’m going to try to install overwatch and see if that fixes it and I just use that battle.net instance instead.

So some digging into the overwatch version of battle.net the only thing that works is WoW and at that only for a few minutes. OW can’t find hardware, hearthstone can’t even start, and WoW seems to just explode after walking around for a moment… Is there a better way to install BN?

I am using the Battle.net 64bit script from here and am able to play WoW fine. Dont own overwatch. Diablo3 is slow.

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Alright I think I used the 32 bit one so I’ll try 64.

You know, I should try the 32bit one and see if that fixes Diablo3. I like to have both wine and crossover installs in case something goes awry, I have backup options.

But if you are wondering, aside from the usual crashes with 32bit WoW, Crossover runs everything I have thrown at it perfectly (WoW, D3, SC2, HS, HOTS).

Via Lutris I can get D3 to run, but its stupid slow. WoW is perfect. And no crashes (32 bit issue only). Haven’t bothered with the other titles yet. I should pick up Overwatch soon and try that out.

I really only play Overwatch, Hearthstone, and WoW. I’m a bit amazed though. Overwatch actually works at 60FPS at the default setting, which on my hardware is high. Only problem is it like random shit all over the place. The world renders, I can select characters and move, I got in a battle and did shit, stayed at 60, but its just fucked up models left right all over. I don’t know HOW to make it work… If I could I’d stread OW on linux on twitch and just make the internet freak out.

Ill look into it. If you can get it working Ill buy it then. That was my major hangup. Out of curiousity, which wine version are you running? Mine is staging-2.8, which is perfect for wow (some regressions in 2.9 and 2.10). I see that staging-2.11 is out, perhaps trying that one might help. But I will google around and see what is up with the textures. Mostly what I saw on a cursory search was stuff regarding crashes and mouse flakiness, which newer versions of wine seemed to be the fix or patched wines.

I have everything in 2.12 staging. Its the only way I can get a lot of stuff to run on my system…

Well aside from Battlenet which has been in flux since May or so, I would say although the latest usually works, if it doesn’t you may be missing a dependency of some sort.

If you check appdb.winehq.org for the game listing, you can see what works and doesn’t as far as wine windows versions, 64/32 bit, and what deps are needed. Sofar the only game that “works” that is a royal pain that I have played. is FF14 MMO. It is a nightmare to get the launcher working right manually. Not sure about lutris. I hated the game so I left it at that. Prefer wow, albion onine or eso.

As for my promise, I found this (https://github.com/gamax92/wine-overwatch) which seems to be everyone’s goto way of doing OW in wine for now while the custom bits slowly get integrated into wine/crossover.

I see there is an overwatch wine version in lutris.

From the Lutris pulldown on the main screen, select “Manage Runners”, then scroll down to “Wine”, and click “Manage Versions”.

In there you will see the list of ALL available wine versions. Pick an overwatch one, left click the checkbox and wait for it to download.

Once done, then you can go and right click on the battlenet lutris entry, RIght click on it, seslect Confkgure. Then select “Runner Options”, and in the WIne version field, select the appropriate wine version.

OK, I bought Overwatch. Got it running sofar by doing the following (and the other two Blizzard games I play often).

  1. Use the Overwatch wine (64 bit of course) on top of a stock BattleNet install via lutris
  2. Wine set to win10.
  3. Add overrides for Overwatch.exe and DiabloIII.exe to be WinXP
  4. For Diablo 3, set it to ONLY run in 32bit mode or it will be a slideshow (need to figure this out still). Also set it to be in a windowed mode to avoid mouse curor disappearance.
  5. For Overwatch, my results were best when setting the game to be in windowed mode. GFX and mouse issues galore in fullscreen.

So we have BlizzardApp in Win10x64, WoW in WIn10x64, OW in XP64, and D3 in XP32. I am using overwatch.2.12 wine if that helkps at all (or to anyone else). The one snag I did run into was WoW crashed on first load and forced me to login thru WoW. After that it ran fine.

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I still have graphics problems, even it a windowed mode.

Gimme a chance to play a bit more. I did windowed and was able to fart around just fine. I was more worried about getting all 3 games working kosher with the same bottle. Looks like I will have to revert to 2.11 or 2.8 to make wow happy though.

Ill keep you posted.

BTW, what GPU and drivers you on? I have the proprietary NVIDIA for an NVIDIA card (970). May help troubleshooting a bit.

Try to reinstall this. I also faced the same problem. Sometimes, while installing, some files are failed to upload.

I have a 580 on amdgpu.

I wasn’t aware that AMD made a 580. I thought their GPU numbers were in the quadruple digits, like 1170 and 5770. For a brief moment, I misunderstood. I thought you were saying that you’re running a GTX 580 with an AMD graphics driver.

hahaha! Yes the most recent AMD cards are the RX series. Understandable if you don’t run them or haven’t for quite a while.

In case you’re out of touch with it, AMD bought ATI cards and the ATI group died around the 6990, with the 7990 being the last card coming out on the HD moniker. Though there was the 8000 series, that was the 7000 series with some powerplay options strapped on for dell and HP.

Later on the 200 and 300 series came out on the GCN architectures. They were ok, but mostly refreshes of each other. Then, the RX series came out in the 400 series of cards a year or two ago and the 500 series earlier this year. In the last few months the Vega series came out and are the most recent cards.

I appreciate your explanation. I was unaware of that information (except AMD buying ATI) because I’ve been following Nvidia cards instead of AMD cards. Though, I realize that the proprietary Nvidia drivers for Linux aren’t as good as they could be because they’re just the Windows drivers wrapped up for Linux - or at least, that’s what I’ve read on forum threads. Though, there is the Nouveau open source driver, which uses the Mesa 3D libraries: https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/debian-26/mesa-vs-nouveau-vs-nvidia-proprietary-4175609592/