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Battle.Net font issue (DXVK related)


Actually, it’s just the general debian stretch updates, nothing font related as far as I can see. The only specialty are the Liquorix kernel updates (served by Steve Pusser) approx. twice a week - that’s why I mentioned them.

Could Blizzard have changed the font? It seems that people agree it started with a update around Sep 12th.

Somebody suggested on Reddit

I’ve fixed it with “winetricks settings fontsmooth=rgb”
(a.k.a. ClearType in Windows)

@Dox can you say how to test this solution using lutris?


Rightclick > Winetricks > set it?


Oh I did not understand how that Winetricks window worked - I thought it had only the options on the first screen.

Anyway, problem solved indeed.

@Chenall71 @Atraisce


aboogesnickle 's solution worked for me. both in d3 and ow i changed version to 64. launched the game. exited. changed to 90 and fonts are resolved and i no longer get the missing dll message.