not found openSuse

Hello, is there a solution? I installed every dependency I found somewhere. Nvidia-driver and vulkan installed. It fails with “ not found” and indeed in the prefix there is no such file (not even the folder “Program Files x86”.
Log is very long how can I provide it here?

This is a problem with Lutris, or wine, just not finding the file it needs to run.

For the log you can use pastebin.
For battlenet, sounds like it isn’t installed. You could use just regular wine to install it. Download battlenet and use regular wine to install it.
WINEPREFIX=/path/to/prefix wine ./

Edit: Of course, if you change the install location, you have to change the file Lutris, or wine, has to run under Configure > Game Options > Executable

Yes but the very same installer is working in manjaro out fo the box and on suse there is this error. How can the download of the launcher fail on suse but not on manjaro? And how can I debug this?

What is your opensuse version?

I installed the newest leap version on the homepage