DXVK - Required DLL could not be found

When ever I try dxvk for WoW, won’t load with a “Required DLL could not be found” error.
I have used cxf latest installer, and manual install of the dlls. Also dll orverrides for
As soon as I uncheck / remove dxvk everything loads.

Terminal log:
INFO 2018-05-29 11:28:26,544 [lutriswindow]:Connected to as tekmad
INFO 2018-05-29 11:28:29,146 [dxvk]:Replacing /mnt/linuxdata/lutris/battlenet/drive_c/windows/system32/dxgi with DXVK version
INFO 2018-05-29 11:28:29,148 [dxvk]:Replacing /mnt/linuxdata/lutris/battlenet/drive_c/windows/system32/d3d11 with DXVK version
INFO 2018-05-29 11:28:29,150 [dxvk]:Replacing /mnt/linuxdata/lutris/battlenet/drive_c/windows/syswow64/dxgi with DXVK version
INFO 2018-05-29 11:28:29,152 [dxvk]:Replacing /mnt/linuxdata/lutris/battlenet/drive_c/windows/syswow64/d3d11 with DXVK version
wine: cannot find L"C:\windows\system32\winemenubuilder.exe"

Thanks in advance.


In order to get wow running with the dxvk version of the Blizzard App, You will need to add “DXVK_FAKE_DX10_SUPPORT=1” Environment Variables and switch wines Windows Version to 7 (or higer) and uncheck the CSMT -Checkbox again. Then it should run using dxvk.

You need 32 bit Vulkan support in your driver aswell.

fladie - Added / made your suggested changes, but still get the error.

Dox - I am running Nvidia Propitiatory 396.24, I don’t know about 32 bit support.

Blizzard App is 32 bit. Install 32 bit vulkan / nvidia for your distro. Look up in your distro documentation how.

Without knowing all of your information (Operating System, Exact Error Message) I would advice You to perform the following Guide:
It tells you how to get rid of all upcoming dependencies of wine. You should do this globally for your system to have less headache.
Then you should have a look if there are missing 32 Bit libraries. On my Manjaro System everything was fine.
In the next step You should pick between the Blizzard App install script :
Or the Wow Installscript:

There are 2 Links, important to You:

There should be everything explained.

I picked the Blizzard App, because it offers DXVK Support and it works with the above mentioned changes. This counts for WoW and Diablo 3 (didnt managed to run SC2 and Heroes so far).

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when i try to install through lutris (dxvk) i get an error in the installation process

FileNotFoundError(2, ‘No such file or directory’)

is there a problem with the script?

Well progress… I did have all the dependencies from hell. But I looks like I didn’t have the i386 drivers, do a dpkg --add-architecture i386 and apt update etc later I did.
Then a typeo in DXVK_FAKE_DX10_SUPPORT=1
Now WoW loads for 2 secs then either nopes to the desktop or a black screen.
I wish this was as simple as using the wine-pba. More effort, better the reward eh :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help so far.

Btw Dox in (which is really useful) you have DXVK_FAKE_DX11_SUPPORT=1 should that be DX10?


What version of Lutris are you on? 0.4.18 fixed that.

i am on 0.4.17, thanks for the info, need to wait for Solus to update to a newer version of lutris

Having the same issue I believe. I’ve installed all the “hell” dependencies, “how to DXVK”, set FAKE DX11,
I’m on antergos, using antergos-prime as i’m on an optimus laptop. Didn’t have any issues my last stay on antergos… Keep getting missing dll issue.