crashes at launch

I’ve been trying to run install overwatch with the Dox (August 2018) installer, The installer runs fine comes up and installs, I then launch it and the login screen works.
Then the actual application shows a black window for a second and then crashes.

If I copy the overwatch files over from windows and set it to run the overwatch exe, overwatch runs fine.

Log of it running:

Probably permission errors then?

I had a similar issue and fixed it by swapping the lancher from to Try that.

Forgot to mention I’ve already swapped the executable. With it just cleanly quits as the login screen comes up (Is lutris watching the executable and killing it or something when the application closes?), with it logs in fine then actually crashes with the main application comes up.

What sort of permission errors I’m not seeing anything that immediately springs out as a permission error

You haven’t given much information to guess with. So I’m not sure what you have on a windows drive, so:

  1. If you installed the prefix on windows drive, then you will have errors, it is better to have it on linux partition.
  2. If you only have the Overwatch gamedir on windows drive, you still need to have mounted that drive with the correct permissions. I haven’t had a windows drive in long time, but I have had others saying it is a problem unless the mount permissions are set correctly.

It’s a fresh install of on a btrfs partition, when overwatch was running the files has been copied over not mounted.

Looking at the error log it looks like it’s a problem with the 32bit graphics, I’m arch and I believe I have every relevant 32bit library installed so I’m not sure what could be causing it though

Blizzard App is 32 bit, you need 32 bit drivers, 32 bit vulkan, 32 bit ICD loader, 32 bit for Wine.

Anyways, first try without DXVK, if it works with OpenGL, you know you the game works, and your issue is with Vulkan parts.