crashes after login, using the D9VK to OpenGL install script

OS: Manjaro Linux x86_64 (stable branch)
Host: HP EliteBook 8540p
Kernel: 5.2.7-1-MANJARO
CPU: Intel i5 M 540 (4) @ 2.534GHz
DE: KDE Plasma 5.16.4

Here are the links, because I could only post 2 links:

So, I installed hearthstone from lutris (using the D9VK to OpenGL installer, since my GPU doesn’t support Vulkan).
When I launch the game and log in, after a little while the app appears for a split second than vanishes, so I can’t even get the game installed.

I also made sure to have installed every single dependency mentioned in the instructions for the installer.

Why could this be happening? Because I remember that a couple of months ago it worked fine.

I’ve installed HS using wine’s commands and after that I linked HS executable from Lutris GUI
the main difference is that in wine they said to use 32bit and win7, while in Lutris they said to use 64bit and win10
hope this can help