crash after click play, World of Warcraft

I install Battle For Azeroth, but, crash after click play, so I can not login into game.

I am using default World of Warcraft - DX11 - 64 bit - Wine Staging 3.11 + PBA (DXVK Ready).

Slackware with multilib, nvidia 1050Ti, i7-4790K. 8G ram.

Any fix?


Open lutris, right click on WoW and go to configure -> Runner options -> click Enable DXVK -> Choose 0.52 or 0.54 or even 0.64 depending on what nvidia drivers you are using. The latest versions on DXVK requires beta drivers for some cards, so choose some older version just to be sure.

And on Wine version choose System 3.11 Staging (I recommend you upgrade Wine to 3.13)

Does this work?

No DXVK option available.

I use Lutris 0.4.14 (Most updated in slackware-slackbuilds).

Any other solution? World of warcraft start fine, but crash.

No DXVK version seems a little bit weird. Maybe try to reinstall lutris and also Wine to make sure everything is set?
Someone with a little bit more knowledge have to answer this.

Also, check out the links below, might help! (outdated?)

The thing is that I only had to install wine staging and follow the install description here on the Lutris website and DXVK installed automatically.

You need 0.4.18 of Lutris, newest driver.

Actually, it isn’t true that you need 0.4.18. Not going to say getting the most updated version isn’t recommended though.

I am currently running slackware as well and used the installer mostly without issue.

Gugur, one think you can check on is right click wow > configure > runner options > dll overrides

I installed a couple times and sometimes the dll overrides were there, othertimes they weren’t. I manually added the required dll overrides from the install page by using add > key name / values.

I’m also using the wine version pba-firerat-3.11-x86_64

Getting about 55+ fps in Org and in smaller locations I can get anywhere from 120-200 FPS running at 3440x1440. Using a 1080ti.

You could also see if nvidia has newer drivers for you. I was using 390.25 without issue and recently upgraded to beta drivers 396.18 and also have no issues.

Not sure if it is only my build or possible an issue with slackware/lutris, but I have to keep lutris open to launch the game. You’ll see in the blizzard launcher that it’ll say “game running”. At that point I have to close lutris otherwise lutris will spike to 100% cpu usage and kill FPS. And without lutris open the game won’t launch from the blizzard launcher.

Lastly, is the launcher crashing or are your client settings currently set to close the launcher after opening the game. It was the default setting after my install and had me looking for 10~ mins to figure out why it was closing as well.

Anyways, let me know about any of the above and I can try to help more.

Get slack to update Lutris to, and you will have a lot less issues.

But w/e, all up to you folks.

Well, if updating is what you really want him to do dox, he can do the following.

Download the tar.xz file from

Use the slackbuilds .tar.gz from the slackbuilds site

untar the slackbuilds .tar.gz
move the lutris 4.18.1 tar.xz file into the newly untar’d lutris directory
edit the lutris.slackbuilds file and near the beginning change the Version line from .4.14 to .4.18.1
now run the slackbuilds with ./lutris.SlackBuild
install the file from the file location per normal

Works just fine to get the .4.18.1 version

I’m not the maintainer on the slackbuilds site for lutris, not sure if anyone can edit it, but those are the steps required.


PS. Just wanted to add that changing to version 4.18.1 didn’t change lutris using up 100% CPU after wow launches. But as I said before, it could be my system or it could be slackware if the issue isn’t seen across other people using lutris and running wow.

Solved, Slackbuilds maintainer upgrade lutris to 0.4.18 and DXVK is enable, disable lutris runtime, install vulkan driver, and put last dxvk version manually (Actually 0.71).

It is playable, but guild chat on world of warcraft do not work properly.
Guild chats are not showed, user name appear, but message not.