- Could not log in to the Blizzard app

Has anyone else had issues with

I’m getting the following error when logging in to “Could not log in to the Blizzard app.”

Link to the actual error here:

I’m running Arch on kernel 4.10.5-1. I’ve also tried different versions of Wine 2.0+ with no difference.
I’ve ensured I’ve installed the lib32-gnutls lib32-libldap lib32-libgpg-error packages too.

Assistance would be appreciated.

Same issue here. App started but stuck at “Loading account information…”

What I have tried:

  • Wine version: 2.2, 2.3, 2.4
  • Delete wine prefix
  • Reinstall app (Blizzard app)
  • Delete cache

Wine log

Same issue for me, but you dont mention the workaround, so Ill list it here. It works for WoW, but cannot speak to the other games. starts. select the Gear icon. if you cannot click it, tab over to it. If the flyout menu does not come up, arrow down and it should come up. Select Go Offline. Battle net closes and Wow app stats.

I do not have a solution for being online for Battle net

Will keep that in mind for WoW, thanks for sharing! But unfortunately I did want to try Overwatch since there’s been more success for it lately since WINE 2.3.

I feel this must of been something recent since they re-branded to ‘Blizzard’, something under the hood must of changed to cause this.

If anyone knows a solution please share!

Have you tried launching just overwatch without the blizzard app?

I had the same problem couldnt login into battlenet when launched via Lutris, I could login using only winetricks + shell debugging command (system 2.4-staging) but in lutris with the same wine version not, so activating lutris debug “-d” showed that Lutris has a runtime library and adds it to LD_LIBRARY_PATH maybe it has some old lib32 libraries doing conflict, so to fix it just right click on BattleNet Game / Configure /System Options, click the checkbox of “Show advanced options” and then check the “Disable Lutris Runtime”

I’m not sure this is related to the same issue but I’ve been having DNS problems that have affected Steam for Linux, LXD containers and

By default, my DNS will revert to nameserver and this will prevent me from downloading games on Steam or going online on Changing the DNS to nameserver fixes that issue.

I’m still using an old install of so I’m not sure if that’s relevant for the current Blizzard app.

Just throwing this in here, but as I was dabbling with the Overwatch installer, I found that installs to a folder named Blizzard App in Program Files, while the Overwatch installer expects the folder to be named

I made a symbolic link in the Program Files folder with
ln -s ./Blizzard\ App ./

I didn’t expect much from it, but to my surprise, once I started after that, I could actually log in as well.

Not sure how Overwatch will run, since it’s still installing at this point, but this may help someone out there to log in to

This was fixed for me by disabling the Lutris runtime, as mentioned above. Thanks!