chat stopped working (solved)

I’ve had issues with WowVoiceProxy.exe starting lots of instances in the past and hogging cpu time but suddenly (maybe a month ago) all BN chat stopped working. The “chats” window in the BN app doesn’t even load anymore. Ingame BN chat doesn’t do anything. I cannot find any voice proxy process anymore. The file is still there though. No idea whether chat and voice proxy are connected, just something that happened at the same time.

Anybody else experiencing the same thing? voice proxy was causing trouble under Win too so they probably changed something about it.

Other than that WoW and Wow classic work better than ever.
debian 10, lutris 0.5.4, winehq-staging 5.19 (using that version since it came out, so no recent changes)

I managed to solve at least part of it by disabling browser hardware acceleration (how did that get switched on again?)

  • Click on the Blizzard logo on the upper left corner of the Blizzard app
  • Click on Settings and then General
  • Scroll down to Advanced Settings
  • Uncheck “Use browser hardware acceleration when available”
  • Click Done and then restart the App.

BN chats window works again but BN chat still doesn’t show up ingame … which was actually an addon issue. So problem solved.