can't get past log in screen, new user

Hey there!

I’m very new to the Linux system so please bare with me. I’ve been trying to get wow classic up and running but the Battlenet client won’t work with me. I get to the log in screen but as soon as I enter my info it crashes. When I first installed everything I could get into the game but it was basically unplayable. So I thought I might have installed wine and dxvk improperly. So I reinstalled everything and made sure wine was installed separatly from Lutris. After this it stoped working, however I can get past the log in screen if I start it from the command line but it won’t load any graphics at that point.

I’m unsure if I’ve installed all dependancies and drivers properly to be honest. I’m using the latest version of pop!_os and I kind of assumed everything would come pretty easy with this distro.
Here is my lutris -d info lutris -d
and my lutris log lutris log
I’m running an i7 3770k and a radeon HD 7950 if that’s relevant.

I thought it might have been an issue connected to the “OpenVR: Failed to locate module” thing in the log-file and stumbled across a topic on github (can’t post more than 2 links) where I found the whole thing of starting it from the command line. But I still can’t get it to work so now I’m at a loss and I hope someone here might be able to supply me with a nudge in the right direction :smiley:

Let me know if you need any additional information and thanks in advance :smiley:

i386 missing (needed by opengl) INTEL-MESA: warning: Ivy Bridge Vulkan support is incomplete
I think you might be missing 32 bit opengl libraries
Check if this post helps