Battle Chess Enhanced save path?

I just got this game working tonight, but I’m noticing it crashes occasionally.

That’s not a dealbreaker, but I also can’t save! When I try to save, it asks for the path and won’t accept anything I type. If I just hit enter, it says:

Error opening save game file.
Left button or <enter> to confirm.

Then I get a somewhat garbled save-game window that doesn’t accept my typing, and then another message after hitting enter:

Disk is write protected.
Left button or <enter> to confirm.

And then:

Tay was wrong #1
Left button or <enter> to confirm.

(Could be Jay, the font makes it hard to be sure.)

After that, it crashes.

I’m not sure how to set up a save path for this game, and even where I should put it!

Welp. I answered my own question.

I tried entering:


And it worked!

I created a saves folder in the same folder Lutris installed the game, and it looks like it’s treating that folder as c:

It’s been so long since I lived in DOS, I forgot that asking for a path would include the drive letter!