Batman Arkham Asylum

Hi guys

Has anyone managed to get Batman Arkham Asylum working ok with proper controller support? If so, please tell me how and also what controller you are using.


Get involved over at WineHQ:

Yep, I got it working with full controller support.
You have to use the Xinput support option in lutris and follow the instructions as explained here:

Thanks Strider. Is it possible to use the Steam Controller for this?

Yes, I tried this method with Arkham Asylum and Arkham City with great success :slight_smile:
Note that disabling a joystick in the joystick control panel is no longer necessary as Lutris will now do it by itself in the latest version.

could you give me the idiot’s guide to getting the Steam controller to work with Lutris? Thanks

To use the Steam controller outside of Steam, you want SC Controller ( ), it does wonders with all kind of games, whether they were meant to me played with a joypad or a keyboard + mouse!

I’ve tried it - doesn’t work for me I’m afraid which is a real pity because I love this game.