Banished/ lakes display problem

This is how my lakes display.
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If I move the map up a little it changes to this.
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Any idea how to fix this?
Kubuntu 17.10
16 Megs of RAM
Proprietary driver updated via Kubuntu repos. I glance at my tray update icon several times a day checking for updates. Discover tells me when there is an update for any system or other program. If I don’t see any for a few days then I use the CML to do a manual check and an apt update in case discover breaks which it does on occasion.

yeah sure. visit :stuck_out_tongue:

Weird it displayed those pictures when I posted them. Any idea how I can upload them another way?

Doesnt the lutris forums let you upload pics? It should!

It says they are to big. They are screen shots. Resolution of my screen is 1680 x 1050.

I see one of my pictures is showing up now.