Auto mounting/unmounting ISO's

Hi All,

I am wondering if its possible for lutris to load a game and auto mount/unmount a ISO before/after loading the game?

I am running postal which works great but it needs the CD in the drive to play.
I have made a ISO image of the CD and can manually mount it and the game still works fine but would like a way to auto mount/un mount it if possible so I dont need to keep manually mounting it each time.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe a feature request?
In the meantime, use shell scripts to load your ISO and your game. You don’t even need Lutris if your games is not a windows game.

something like (just an example, you need to add parameters and paths by yourself)


mount $isoF -o loop 
sleep 8

run flatpak gameID

you can get your flatpak gameID with flatpak list, 2nd column
Save your text file with extension *.sh and make it executable (so it runs on double-click). Just open file properties, second tab and check the mark.

Thanks for that info, Will likely come in handy at some point :slight_smile:
Sadly in my current issue though it is a Windows game LOL