Audio issue (crackling) on Lutris/Wine/Playonlinux

Hi guys,

There’s a long time that a had problens with sound crackling in some games, usualy in x64 prefix with DX10/11 under wine, I read some topics to change pulse audio for alsa and start wine/lutris/playonlinux with this string “PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=60”, but nothing happens here, with the second tip, works for a 1/2 minutes then audio start worst, I still looking for some solution with this games, I try this under Fedora 27 and Ubuntu 16.10, if someone have some tip about it I’ll be thankfull.

theres a video with this problens of audio in GTA V

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I suggest you to install xact. I’ve had the same problems with GOG’s Metro Last Light and this fixed the sound issue.

Yeah that’s a known problem with GTA V in Wine not Lutris. There is another workaround besides the one in your video:

This could break other applications so keep that in mind.

Hi, I have no ideia mais i can’t install xact in x64 prefix, theres an error, I’ll attached a print for you checkScreenshot_20180204_075156

Tks for this tip, but unfortunatly this not fix the sound, works for a few minutes then start worst, tks anyway

Hey Guys I found the problem with the wine sound, Talking to one friend to work with audio recording he told me that this new games works with 24bit audio and I’ve here a audio interface 16bit, then I plug my speakers direclty in my mobo and problen solved, my mobo is an asus B85M-E/BR 24bit audio, and I’m plaing GTA V for a 30 minutes and nothing of audio problens, now its time to solve this problens in wine, if someone know or have some ideia how to fix ir please let me know.

I would start with changing: default-fragment-size-msec

Just like the latency fix, this has fixed crackling for me in the past. I’m using 5 now.

tks I’ll check it!