Attempting to install Webkinz

Hello Lutris community :] Not sure what to do about or provide for this issue as I have tried just about everything that I can think of to get this game running, so let me run you through what I’ve done.

Once upon a time, you could play Webkinz (Classic) through your browser, however they have swapped over to a desktop app of some flavor, which works perfectly fine on native Windows 10/11. Having moved over to Linux Mint recently (exact version: Linux Mint 21.3 Cinnamon (6.0.4), can provide extensive system info if needed) I figured this would be as easy as 1-2-3 since Lutris is very user friendly. This wound up not being the case.

Upon going through Lutris’s install wizard (Install Windows game from .exe) and using the classic installer provided by the Webkinz site, it seems to run as it should, creating the WINE prefix and running through the installer. It downloads a package.7z, loads an installation progress bar, and reports itself done. Attempting to launch the game immediately through the Lutris list throws This game has no executable set. The install process didn't finish properly.

Thinking it was just missing wherever it installed the .exe to actually launch the game, I began to poke around in the /drive_c/ and found that the .../Program Files/ (both regular and x86) were missing directories for Webkinz. I attempted to run the installer again inside the prefix using winetricks and nothing different happened.

I also attempted to install and launch this game using the default /home/.wine/ prefix created by WINE itself when you attempt to open an .exe file from your file browser. It runs the exact same, and even auto-launches the game, but there are graphics missing and WINE immediately reports that the program is not working. I saved the log provided, and you can look it over here.

I discovered where the package.7z was downloaded (/home/helix/Games/webkinz/drive_c/users/helix/AppData/Local/webkinz-updater) and saw that inside it seemed to have everything needed, however attempting to manually extract and place the program where it belongs in /Program Files/ did not produce any results.

I’ve gone through your usual troubleshooting (making sure WINE is up to date, all dependencies are present, etc.) and I’m out of ideas. There is no entry for Webkinz on WINE’s AppDB nor is there an installer in the Lutris library, so I turn to the community to see if I can get my nostalgia fix :b

TL;DR: Webkinz Classic does not install properly via Lutris or WINE using the official site’s launcher. Attempting to run via default .../home/.wine/ prefix launches the game but immediately crashes. (see above for links to website and WINE crash log)

Thanks in advance for any help and/or advice!