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Assassin's creed origins with RX 5600 XT


In the idea to share my experience,

The game is smooth on Radeon RX 5600 XT driver version with the following settings:
Runner: wine
Architecture: x64
Wine version: proton-5.11-GE-3-MF or proton-5-9-GE-5-ST
Winetricks: off
Enable DXVK: on
DXVK vers: 1.7
Esync: on
Windowed: on <<< very important
virtual desktop resolution: 1920x1080
ACO shader compiler: off (color issue with on)
Others settings on default

Settings in game: High
FPS vsync on @ 60 in desert and 40 in city.

The version of my game is 1.2 from fitgirl.

With ACO shader compiler enabled, there are some variations of colors of ground and vegetation, as a flickering effect.
ACO shader compiler off, no problem:

ACO shader compiler on, problem:

It’s very rare and it’s hard to see without having a trained eye