Assassin's Creed Origins on uplay is getting weird

When i first bought and played AC Origins on uplay in linux, it ran flawlessly.
But yesterday, for some reasons both lutris and the game were acting weird since then.
When i woke up and turned on lutris and started uplay,IT got stuck in 'Launching’Phase and it never launched. But when i changed the wine version, it ran good but then another problem came.
AC orgins got glitched with some textures blinking And performance ingame was downright terrible(1-5 fps). Did everything, uninstalled uplay, removed wine and reinstalling everthing, still no luck.

Can anybody help me here?

I cannot properly show an image because it is a pops in and out continously but here is the video
(The footage is from my pc) that shows what is going here:

Log is here:

Output from lutris --submit-issue:

Please, need help.