Assassins Creed II instalation - Steam + Uplay

Hello to all,
I tried so many ways to install AC2 but failed… maybe your experience can help me.
AC2 works fine in Steam(Windows) with Uplay launching the game.
In Steam(Linux) I get the error sending cd key to Steam.
So I tried Lutris…but I see no explanations and no info for new users.

First, I logged into Ubisoft Connect (Lutris), but I get “no games found”

Next I tried Wine Uplay /w DXVK version - I have no idea what the first two mean, but I presume I need the third one because Uplay ?

So now after Uplay is connected it tries to install Steam ?!?!

What am I doing wrong ?

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It was resolved on March 31 in Steam beta: Proton: Installation of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and AC:II · Issue #5649 · ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux · GitHub

To my embarrassment I forgot the Steam Beta is not another PPA or another .deb… I can switch directly from the app. I read so many articles on this, including the one you sent that… I totally forgot. Now it’s working.
But for the sake of this topic, what should I choose from here ?

Steam(Windows) - is Lutris gonna install Steam in Wine ?
Do I need an original ISO of the game for these installers ?

I don’t understand your question. You don’t need Lutris anymore . Only Steam Linux beta will do the job (proton).

The “Steam | DXVK Version” will instruct Steam(Linux) to install the game and will set some configuration flags.

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Forget about my case, described above.
I’m a new user that wants to play AC2 and found out that Lutris helps me somehow with this…how ?
I don’t know what to use between these 3 options


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