Are they here ESO players?

Hello guys, I’m consider switch to Linux but I have doubt about performance. I know with Proton/wine+dxvk works well but it works at all circumstances I mean at trials and duengons? What is yours experience in this parts of game?

Thanks for replies

Hi! Can you tell us your system configuration ? Run inxi -F in terminal and post results bellow please.

Hey fellow ESO player! Player since a few years and it’s “fine”.

The biggest problem about ESO’s performance on Linux is ESO. It’s just not very well programmed for performance.

But to solve your questions: If there is nothing big demanding, ESO’s performance is pretty much the same as in Windows. A normal dungeon can be run perfectly fine, no problems at all.

But if there is demanding stuff (like 40 man raids, Cyrodiil big group clutch), it demands even more than on Windows. So be prepared. It will still be playable! But your performance will at least be halved.

It would be good to know your hardware so we can tell a bit more on what you have to expect.

Thanks for replies, my spec is:
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz
GPU: NVidia GTX 1080ti
RAM: 32Gb
HDD is some Samsung ssd

Well, then do it. :smiley:

Got a i7-4790k with a GTX1080 and don’t have problems with it.