ArchiCAD 22

Can someone help me with creating an installation script for ArchiCAD 22? I do not even get the installation program to work at the moment so I can not say what the software needs.

I just wanted to write something about why I think it’s important to get programs like ArchiCAD running under Lutris.
There are many architecture students who rely on software like ArchiCAD and similar software which have almost the same requirements and the only reason why they do not trust in linux is that such software is not running and I think that’s a shame because during the study decides which operating system will be used in later daily work.
And since I understand very well why there are people who neither apple nor microsoft like I think I would be good to help those who have no plan why not what is not running but no longer want to rely on these platforms.

Could anyone take the time to test the installer I wrote?

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Ill give it a try

Let m know if its working.