ArcheAge not lanuching thorugh Glyph

Hi! I’m having problems with my ArcheAge install through Glyph.

Errors start when GlyphClient is loading, but it still loads:
GlyphClient::LoadFile error: No such file or directory GlyphClientApp.xml
GlyphClient::LoadFile error: No such file or directory GlyphClientAppLocal.xml
GlyphClient::LoadFile error: No such file or directory ./Library/GlyphLibraryLocal.xml

Then when I click play on ArcheAge, I get these:
libGL error: failed to create dri screen
libGL error: failed to load driver: nouveau

Log for ArcheAge: (with wine debug)

lutris -d output:

Lutris issue report:

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Ensure you actually have OpenGL working. For instance, you may want to run glxgears -info (if missing, install a package named mesa-progs or mesa-utils). If it runs correctly, you should see an OpenGL-rendered view of turning gears, and in the shell it’ll print your OpenGL information (including used videocard name).

Also, if you use an NVidia videocard, you may want to switch from reverse-engineered opensource driver (nouveau) to the proprietary one (nvidia) as it has better performance/hardware support. Though you might encounter some problems with making it actually work so find an NVidia manual for your distro first.

When running glxgears -info I get the gears running and in the shell I see that my Intel graphics card is used. As I do have an nvidia card, I guess that it indicates it isn’t working as expected and falls back to the Intel.

I am using nvidia proprietary drivers, but it looks like they are not really working. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

I’m running a fairly new setup of LinuxMX and haven’t used it before for gaming. Guess I’ll need to figure out how to get nvidia card running.

With two videocards, you likely may want to look up PRIME (DRI_PRIME=1). Originally you could use Optimus/Bumblebee (slower but actually works), but recently NVidia broke it so you can only hope that you can make PRIME work (Lutris has it somewhere in game options so you can use that once you made it work); if that doesn’t work, you can try enforcing NVidia as primary card in Xorg config.