[ARCH] WOW (BattleNet) does not open after installation

Hey Guys,

I have a problem with my Arch and the Lutris WOW installation.

After installing the listed dependencies I installed WOW with the provided link.

Unfortunately, after installation the login screen of BattleNet opens and closes (before logging in) after some seconds automatically and it says that is was installed successfully. A start does not work at all. There is no error message. It just says its ‘preparing to launch WOW’ but does not do anything.

After a fresh installation I even tried to log in before the log in window closes, but this didn’t work either. Before the launcher started properly it closed itself same as before.

I noticed that after ‘starting’ the stop-button is still greyed out and is not clickable.
And the app-configuration within Lutris does not open, too.


You probably missed a dependency, run lutris with lutris -d in terminal and check logs.